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"It has been an honor of a lifetime to serve our community in Tallahassee.  One of my most passionate issues I work on is child welfare. 


Our state has so many infant and young children trapped in abusive homes and in need of loving, compassionate, and forever homes. 

Sadly, the bureaucracy of government makes placing children in need of these forever homes with their forever families. 

This year, I am pleased that we were able to achieve major reforms to our child welfare system when it comes to adoptions and the well-being of our children in loving homes. 


These reforms include creating more opportunities for circuit courts to implement early childhood courts proven to have positive outcomes for kids.

From investing in our schools and providing scholarships to special needs children to fighting for our children without a loving home – I will always fight for Florida’s children!"



“Representative Tomkow has been a champion for child well-being since she was elected to office,said Jessica Davis, CHS regional executive director. “She has visited our Children’s Advocacy Center in Bartow and continues to seek out opportunities to spend time with the child welfare professionals on the front line. We are grateful for Representative Tomkow’s commitment to improve lifelong outcomes for children in Florida.”

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