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Creating Jobs and Reigniting our Local Economy


Our district is unique in the state because two of our economic pillars are located right in the heart of our community – agriculture and tourism. 


For our friends in agriculture we need to protect American ranchers and farmers from unfair trade practices that allow outside countries to dump their products into our markets and lower the prices and drive Floridians out of business. 


Our tourism industry is vital part of our state’s economy and the economic well-being of tens of thousands of local employees and businesses.  I support the extension of Florida’s unemployment benefits to help the residents who are unfairly suffering from the negative economic impacts of the coronavirus.  Our state leaders also need to support our tourism industry by allowing for businesses to re-open safely if they can maintain a healthy environment for their customers.  We cannot be paralyzed by fear and keep businesses shuttered, but we also have to do it in a safe and healthy manner so we can continue to keep our state’s new case count down.


Combating the Effects of the Coronavirus


As our nation deals with the negative effects of coronavirus on local, state and federal budgets, we have to be mindful to not ask working families and local businesses for more in taxes to help make up budget shortfalls. 

Thankfully, Florida’s prudent fiscal management has allowed for our state to lead the nation in fiscal health rankings with billions in reserves and strong AAA-bond rating.  This will allow us to better weather this fiscal storm. 


The state of Florida needs to work with the federal government to secure the federal CARES Act dollars that will help fund job-creating projects that would otherwise be cut and cost us jobs. 


Investing in our Schools and Classrooms


I was proud to vote to for the historic budget that invested a record amount into our classrooms because every child deserve a world-class education and access to a great school.  But beyond funding we have to ensure that parents are in control of their children’s education.  That is why I am so happy to have supported scholarship programs that help children trapped in a failing school go to a school of their choice.  A CHILD’S ZIP CODE SHOULD NOT DETERMINE THEIR FUTURE. 


Additionally, scholarships for special needs students have been expanded because of such an outpouring of need and we should continue to fund stellar programs like the Gardiner Scholarship.

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